Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Composition Assignment

Composition Assignment
Due Monday December 5
Kitchen Percussion

This Composition will be performed using materials found in your house! Get creative! You have to write out 4 parts so you will need a quartet to perform your piece.
What it is:

This composition is a rhythmic composition that will have four parts playing simultaneously. You may select a time signature of ¾ or 4/4 and use a variety of the rhythms we have been working on in class. While it should be challenging, make sure that it can be played at a steady tempo by your entire group.

It must be at least 16 measures in length. The final composition must be handed in printed from the finale program. Be creative! This will be handed in to me on Monday and performed the following week.
Have fun!
Mrs. Christy

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Here are the pieces I had told you I would upload for your Halloween listening!

Black Angels

Halloween Soundtrack

Night on Bald Mountain

Danse Macabre

The last is an old school Disney interpretation of it. It's interesting to see what they were developing in the 1920's! Enjoy.

Happy Halloween

Ms. Christy


So for the past few months we have been working to learn the very basic nuts and bolts of theory 1.

Now that we have our key signatures and note names down, we can move into the world of intervals!

Here is a song I played in class to help you remember the intervals and their inversions.

Interval and Inversions Song

Enjoy and keep using musictheory.net to practice!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Assignment 1

For your first assignment I want you to create a listening map using the music that you personally enjoy. This can be as colorful and creative as you want it to be! (Michaels is having a sale) It should reveal who you are as a music listener at this time in your life. For examples, look at the walls of the room.

For extra credit you may create your own mixed cd. Taking the musicians you have included on your listening map, make a mixed cd 90's style! For any questions as me, or John Cusak in High Fidelity.

Can't wait to see what you create! It is due WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14.

-Mrs. Christy

Our Definition of Music

So in the first few days we have discussed what we define music to be. Using adjectives that you brainstormed in class, we collaborated to create the following definition.

"Music is a unique, inspiring and expressive language. It can have a specific meaning to each individual. The complex rhythms lead masterpieces to be created. These can be inspired by different cultures around the world. Music includes both sound and silence that is simple yet complicated and various diversly. It elicits an emotional response; whether happy, sad, angry or disturbed. It can be heavy or lift, energetic or calm, loud or soft."

We will use our Friday history lessons to further explore this definition and revisit it at the end of the year.

-Mrs. Christy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Theory 1!

Hello Class,

Welcome to another year at Smithtown! I am looking forward to teaching you the "nuts and bolts" of Music Theory. Attached is the class syllabus which we will review in class tomorrow. Please show it to your parent/guardian, have it signed and return it to my by Monday, September 12.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

-Mrs. Christy

Course Syllabus