Monday, May 14, 2012

Final Composition

Hello all,

So by now we are into our final class composition for the year! With the final days of school upon us, please make sure that you are using your time effectively so that you do not lose credit for incomplete assignments. Your last day in the computer lab will be MAY 23... this is AP Conference/ Junior Prom/ almost Memorial Day Break, so please plan accordingly if you know that I will not be seeing you that day. None of these conflicts allow for your assignment to be turned in late! On MAY 29 I will collect the final product in class.

Here are the details for your composition:
The composition may be written as either a four part piano piece or a melody with a four part piano accompaniment. If you are looking for an extra challenge, you may write for four different instruments.

It should have:
-A completed harmonically logical and labelled chord progression that shows mastery of inversions and seventh chords. Your work should show proper voice leading. ** THIS INCLUDES THE AVOIDANCE OF III & vii* CHORDS**
-At least 16mm
-There should be two labelled cadences- one at the midpoint (mm 8) and another at the end of your piece.
-A varied harmonic rhythm.
-A variety of NHT's that are incorporated comfortably into your piece. (at least 4 different kinds).

Have fun with this! While there are parameters that I am giving, this is still a chance for you to creatively express yourself.

Mrs. Christy

**Today your harmonic progression was due. I should have seen the roman numerals you are using for your composition. If you did not do this, you may show my tomorrow. After that it will not be accepted**